Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Destination Me: Day 3

If your late to the Destination Me campaign  way of life...I'll fill you in. My friend started Destination Me as a way to gain some "Me" time you can read about it here and my commitment blog entry here. I wrote about running and missing that ability to find Me time since school was out for my kids. But now that school is back in session it was time for Me.

So I ran.

That was a week and a half ago. I started feeling bad about not making Me time a priority. But then I thought about some of the things I did do and realized I found Me time with others. I know...that sounds weird but essentially it's Me finding time to do the things Me wants to do. And running is just ONE of those things.

I met a friend last Monday...we had a Jeep adventure, had coffee and talked for hours. So long I almost missed a conference call meeting. No, I wasn't by myself but it was still Me time. I ended up taking the conference call at the coffee shop and in doing so I ran into another friend I hadn't seen in a few years! It was wonderful to catch up with both my friends and enjoy being able to have an adult conversation. Without interruption. It was Me time.

Today, I happened to be able to run. And clean out my ever increasing inbox. Which was more like work but I was free to do it and it felt good!

And today...this is what my Me time looked like about mile 3...U2's Bullet the Blue Sky playing in the ear buds and this magnificent view.

Have you found your Me time?

It's never too late to join in!

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  1. friend time definitely counts as "me" time. That is my most favorite kind. Glad you were able to sqeeze in a run to.