Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Surviving the first lost tooth!

I've been bad about blogging lately. It's all good. Busy living life! However, this summer we can check off a milestone for Jackson. It's the same milestone that I've worried about as a Hemo Mom...the dreaded lost tooth. I've known it was coming. His dentist kept telling me for the past year that he has a wiggly tooth at every cleaning we went to. But I still worried.

How would he lose it?

Would it be the kind that hangs on for dear life?

Would it be wiggly for months?

Would it bleed?

So I get a call while at work. My kids know not to call me unless someone is dead, dying, bleeding or broken. Texting is fine for other things but calls are left for the serious issues. I answer my phone and it's Jackson on his sister's phone. "Mommy? I lost my tooth!!! I can't find it!"

I calmly reply "congratulations!! And what do mean you can't find it? Put your sister on the phone."

His sister then tells me they were looking at themselves in the mirror. Being all silly and practicing various smiles when she notices he has an open space between his teeth. The good thing: he lost it and didn't even know it AND he didn't bleed one drop, not even a speck. Not that it would've been a big deal as we would have administered Amicar and factored up. But that he was able to have a non-bloody lose tooth event was great! I realize that they won't all be this way. But I'll be happy with this little victory!

The photo his sister took and text me just after losing his tooth!

Since we never did recover the tooth we wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy to let her know!