Monday, October 20, 2014

Hemophilia sure is a pain...

I mean, really. It is. A pain.

It was a Sunday night, our middle daughter, Nora, is an 8th grader. It's her last year at this school and her last basketball home game. We started celebrating as a team at a local pizza place, watched a video of the girls through the years and headed over to the school gym for their last home game. We had huge photos of the girls on the gym wall with their jersey number hanging below. I had invited my whole family for this fun night.

Jackson was killing some time before the game started and he was in Ninja mode. He was having a great time. Working out some energy. Being a boy. It wasn't until we took our seats about 10 minutes before the festivities were to begin that he looked at me and said, "Mom, my arm hurts." I sighed, a little. Thinking that we didn't have time for a bleed. As if we ever have time for a bleed, right? Wouldn't it be nice to say hmm...we have nothing planned on Sunday at let's say noon...shall we pencil in a bleed? That would be something. Anyway, I take a look at his arm and by looking at it I know he has a bleed. I find my hubby and let him know Jackson has a bleed. He immediately goes into the "if you wouldn't have been horsing around" to which I immediately hush him. It's done. He had fun. He has a bleed. It's not bad. He's a boy. I don't want him overly timid because he is afraid he will have a bleed. That's what factor is for. Let him be a kid.

My Ninja Jackson

Too late. Jackson had heard some of it and got MAD. All the while knowing that at any minute we had to set up a little walk way and get announced with our daughter for 8th grade night. Joe wants to immediately leave but I told him to hold on. We HAD to walk our daughter down the walk way. (Side note:
the bleed was on his arm...he had full range of motion, no discoloration, minimal swelling...hemophilia was gonna have to wait 5 minutes.)

We ran down to the court, organized a make shift walk way, walked our daughter down the basketball court, got a photo and Joe bee lined it to the bleachers, picked up Jackson and went home to factor up.
The whole time I'm pissed that hemophilia got in the way. That Jackson had to leave the game early because he had a stupid bleed.

The game was over. We went home and Jackson was factored up and  RICE'd. He was with his daddy and watching what he wanted to watch. He was fine and that bleed was sooo 60 minutes ago. Just goes to show how unpredictable hemophilia is and how it likes to mess your plans up no matter how important they might be.