Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 10: #HAWMC Comfort Food

Comfort food...I LOVE me some mashed potatoes!! It took me a while to perfect my potatoes but it was worth the lumpy wait. They are the ultimate in fluffiness and taste. I try not to make them too often as I tend to have them as my main course instead of a side dish.

I also LOVE to bake. Many times I will bake something and not eat any of it. It's just the act of making something for someone that makes me happy. I remember when I was dating my hubby and this new cake mix had just come out. I was dying to try it. So I ended up making it when I got off work one night and drove it to his house 35 minutes away at 10pm to share it with him and his roommate.

I enjoy trying new recipes and cooking. There is something satisfying in creating a meal and having it come out great and it also gives us memories of dinners that maybe didn't turn out that great. I wish I had more time to craft our dinners but let's face it...many nights I'm lucky to get something cooked in time for my family to eat before we are out the door for sports, school events or meetings. In fact my eldest  daughter just asked me to teach her how to cook. I decided that she could plan a menu for one night. Let me know what I need to buy at the grocery and she can own the meal. This should be interesting!! I guess that cooking reminds me of family as we are usually able to gather together at night and enjoy as a family. Sharing our days, our hopes, goals, laughter gathered around a table of love.

Thanks to Google images for this cute diner clip art! 

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