Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 4 #HAWMC: Creatures of Habit

We are all creatures of habit both good and bad. This year I'm running the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a full and half marathon on Sunday, May 3rd. They also have 5K, 10K, kids run and dog runs the day before. It is the BEST event I've ever participated in over the years. This year I've committed to run the half marathon. I've been training since January 3rd when it was -13 degrees! I have run the half a few times and last year I ran the 10K with my hubby and I've always trained along the way. However, I've joined a running group and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not but now I can't imagine NOT joining...I really enjoy it. They have the routes all mapped out so I don't  have to even think about how many miles I'm going and what that translates into when running around my house. I meet new people; which I love! It's just a great group of people! So every Tuesday night and Saturday morning (at the crack of dawn...mind you) I drive about 35 minutes to the running store and go pound pavement.

I didn't always like fact I would cuss while running...I hated it!! But then my eldest daughter started running cross country when she was in middle school and I really didn't want her running her off days by herself. So I ran with her and my cussing had to stop!! Cross country was short lived (thankfully) so I stopped running. Over the years I dabbled with the treadmills but it still wasn't my favorite thing to do. The year my hubby turned 40 was his bucket list year. Being the competitive person that I am I decided to join his bucket list adventures. That's where running came back into my life and I found it actually enjoyable. It became my stress reliever. Oh, yes. The bucket list...let's just say while we both competed in the Warrior Dash and had a blast I ran my first half marathon solo...and I never let him forget it!! :)

Running has become my habit. Sure it's great for me and healthy but I do it more for my mental health. Dealing with the daily stresses of my kids chronic illnesses, insurance, medical bills, Doctor appointments, working, living get the picture...I need an outlet to get this built up stuff out. Pounding pavement works for me. What's your habit?

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