Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two day post...Day 17 & 18 #HAWMC

Sorry for the double blog post today...yesterday was World Hemophlila day and I was busy attending a lunch meeting with our local hemophilia chpater, the TriState Bleeding Disorder Foundation, as we are planning our 4th annual scavenger hunt through downtown Cincinnati. It is a great time! 

Day 17: Health Tagline

This is a tough one...yesterday I saw several hashtags in coorelation to World Hemophilia Day. While I know "strong" is overused I did see #hemostrong. I like this one as truly our little hemo's ARE strong. Having to endure two, three and sometimes more IV infusions a week is strong. Having to deal with a bleed is strong. Sitting out of fun activities becasue they have a bleed is strong. So, yep, that settles that...#hemostrong

Day 18: Summer is Coming! 

What 3 things do I look forward to the most in the summer?

1. NO homeowork
2. Corn on the Cob
3. Bonfires

What do you look forward to doing in the summer?
Thank you Google images for the Summer clipart! 

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