Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 5 #HAWMC: Breaking News

Happy Easter everyone!! Today's challenge is just that...a challenge. I have to share with you my greatest accomplishments in the last 5 years. Meaning I have to brag on myself for this post; which is sooo NOT me! My positive attitude with a realistic approach is something that I can brag on though. I'm not rainbows, sunshine and pots of gold everyday or any day for that matter as I feel that is just annoyingly gross; at least to me. What I am, is upbeat and a take it all in stride type of gal. I live by the "it could always be worse" which helps me get through the rough patches and makes me grateful for the craziness in my life. I often get asked "how I do it all" and honestly I'm not entirely sure. I kick in to beast mode and just do what needs to be done without a second thought. I also have a great support team that is there for me if I need them. I could share personal accomplishments but really, they are shared accomplishments; be it shared with my hubby, kids, family or community. So, I'll end here...enjoy your Easter!! I'm about to go enjoy some great family time at the Cincinnati Zoo!

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