Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day Eight #HAWMC: Things Remembered

Today I am to share with you an item I have kept with me that reminds me of an important time in my life...whether it was a good day, a stressful time or a happy moment...why does this item remind you of that period of your life.

Hmmm...this one is difficult. I do save things. I have the cake topper, bouquet, headpiece and champagne flutes from our wedding proudly displayed in a cabinet that belonged to my hubby's grandfather. It is in my computer room...I pass it everyday and yet I don't think I really ever look at it. I have boxes marked and filled with papers from when my kids have done well on a test or made a cute picture that I have saved since they were in preschool. I have them labeled and will give to them once they have a place of their own. I have pictures of my family displayed around my house that I update as needed. But there isn't one thing that is my go to for things remembered.

I think maybe it's because I'm too busy living in the present and moving towards the future. Sure I like to look back at how the kids were little but I don't do it too often. It makes me a little sad. When they were little I was waiting for them to get grow up and now that they are growing up I just want to make them little again.  I've never really treasured things...I treasure memories and fun times, laughter and being together. In fact if my house was to go up in flames and I lost everything, as long as I had my family, I'd have it all. So now that I think about it...the item that I have kept with me is my family.

Easter 2015

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