Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 21 #HAWMC: Reflection

Reflect on your journey today. What are your thoughts and hopes for the future?

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if it didn't take the path that it is on now. I cannot imagine a life in which I only went to Doctor appointments because the kids needed a well check up or sick visit. I cannot imagine not traveling down to Cincinnati Children's Medical Hospital monthly (sometimes weekly) for the kids various appointments. I cannot imagine what in the world I would blog about!! You see, I wouldn't wish this journey on anyone else but I have to say we've had a pretty good journey. We are blessed with a top notch Children's Hospital not 40 minutes away from our house. We are blessed that I have a voice and can use it, very loudly at times, to advocate for my kids when it comes to care, insurance and with members of Congress. And for those of you that really know me...I'm sure I could find something to blog about!! On this journey we have met some amazing people in the hemophilia community that I wouldn't have met any other way and for that I am grateful. We have been given opportunities that we wouldn't have been given if not for Jackson having hemophilia. Do I wish he didn't have hemophilia...you bet; however, he does and I can't change that fact so why not make the most of it, the situation and the journey?

My thoughts are many as are my hopes for the future. We are grateful to live in a time of prophylaxis
treatment so that we may treat proactively and on demand if needed. We are also grateful to live in a time of new factor products coming to the market that will prolong the life of factor in the body which mean less pokes for my son. I'm not sure what the future holds for us but I am ready to see where it takes us as this is our journey to live. 

Thank you Google images for this photo.

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