Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 19 #HAWMC: Stress Awareness Month

What's the best way to deal with stress? How do you like to let loose to escape common stressors? Share your favorite ways to shake off the stress. #shakeitoff

If you've been following along since the beginning of the month you know I relieve a lot of stress by running. However, one of my favorite things to do is be creative. I love making things; be it painting on a canvas, finding a craft on Pintrest and duplicating it (well, trying to) or coloring. Yes, I said coloring. Many years ago, each December I would purchase a coloring calendar from Mary Engelbreit. Late at night, after my kids where asleep, I would take my calendar, colored pencils and sharpener and give life to my coloring calendar. I spent time shading and creating different shades of color on each monthly page. When my girls were older they would ask to color. I wouldn't let them. It was my special coloring calendar. I know that must sound harsh but it was my stress relief. I think one year I let one of the girls color a little bit but this is one area I am justifiably selfish. I'll share my candy bars, my ice cream, my shower time, the bathroom plus a host of other things but darn it...the coloring calendar was mine!! As the years went on I couldn't find these calendars anymore and by then I had upgrading to a huge wall calendar with different colored post it notes per child due to the increasing activity. Then a few months ago while scrolling through Facebook I came across an ad for an adult coloring book available on Amazon. I immediately searched for it only to find that it was sold out. Last week as I was scrolling Facebook Mary Engelbreit had posted HER coloring book and that it was available for purchase at her store. I immediately clicked the link and purchased the coloring book. I was SO excited when it arrived in the mail last week! I even went out to buy my very own colored pencils (I splurged for the 24 count). I find that when I'm coloring or creating that I am deeply involved with the colors and how I want the page or canvas to look like that I forget everything else. I am at peace. With my busy schedule I don't have much time to be creative but I sure do long for it and enjoy it when I get to create!

One of the pages from the Mary Engelbreit Color Me Coloring Book

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